Business Services

Town and Country is the key to helping your business become more successful in today’s competitive world by empowering management to focus on the highest value assignments, and outsourcing those that cannot be performed within your organization. You will find us a constant source of support and ideas that will help you better manage your costs, improve your operations reporting and build a stronger, more successful staff.

Town and Country is comprised of select professionals with a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge to provide clear and connected thinking, problem solving and management solutions that utilize a variety of fresh perspectives. We require no training, and often build long-term relationships with our clients.

Our diverse and innovative services include but are not limited to:


• General administrative services.
• Full-charge and general bookkeeping and accounting.
• Operations planning, development and training.
• Leadership coaching.
• HR and operations management consulting.
• Employee recruitment and retainment services.
• Computer software implementation and training.
• Budget planning and preparation.
• Tax planning, and preparation of year-end corporate tax returns.
• Direct marketing consulting for Internet, telemarketing, and direct mail.

Competing projects can present time management challenges when undertaken by in-house staff and can often be achieved more effectively with the help of outsourcing. Since day-to-day operations and other projects are of crucial importance for successfully running and developing any venture, organizations rely on our business consultants and assistants for this purpose.

If you have a project need or would simply like to inquire about our services, please contact us or call 1.508.984.5010.