Success Stories

“Town and Country Business Services provides us with excellent, on-going support with various aspects of human resources, internal auditing, day-to-day operations, and software training and utilization. Their conceptual knowledge, coupled with their ability to “grasp the bigger picture,” has improved our overall productivity, and helped to increase our bottom line profitability. They are extremely responsive to the needs of our organization, and consistently exhibit a high level of competence and integrity.”

Robert Raffa, Executive Vice President, RPB Systems & Services

“Our experience with Town and Country has been extremely positive.  They saved our company approximately $20,000 in overhead expenses by streamlining our month-end accounting processes, and provided us with savings in regard to other aspects of our business operations.  They continue to give our organization professional support that exceeds our expectations, and are a pleasure to work with.”

Kevin Leblanc, General Manager, Cape Cod Mechanical Systems

“Town and Country has been with us since we began as a startup organization in early 2007. Since that time, we have grown very rapidly, and they have helped us navigate the complexities of each growth phase with expert support involving general operations planning, month-end and year-end accounting, operations software implementation and training, and human resources. I have nothing but praise for their expertise and professionalism in a very competitive industry.”

Joseph Pakuris, President, KCC of New England

“Although the Virtual Assistant was a new concept to us, Town and Country has made us true believers. They reorganized our ops systems and procedures, and provided us with SW training and coaching, saving us a lot of time and aggravation in learning to utilize our systems software to its fullest potential. If it’s a last minute request for Power Point presentation or a management “crisis” consultation – they can handle it, “virtually,” from their own offices with consummate professionalism. A superb organization.”

Carolyn Eastovan, Director of Operations, ARP Inc.

“When Town and Country assumed the operations accounting for our business, the difference was literally night and day. They streamlined our bookkeeping and accounting systems, and knew intuitively how and when to generate the financial reports we need in order to better manage our business. They have the ability to anticipate and handle our needs both off-site and on, quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend them.”

George Childs, President, Photo Promotions